10 Healthy Summer Habits

Summer, and all that it brings with it – parties, cookouts, nights out, bonfires, sunshine, swimming, and so much more are right around the corner. As exciting as this is, it’s important to remember that times like these can be detrimental to a healthy lifestyle. Not only are we faced with temptation every weekend, but we also find ourselves surrounded by people who don’t quite share the same healthy mindset that we do. Quite frankly, this leaves us in a pickle, and not the delicious kind that you eat with your burger.

10 Healthy Summer Habits to Take With You Everywhere This Summer:

  1. Take advantage of the weather – This goes without saying, but use the beautiful weather as an excuse to explore the parks and places around you. TIP: Find a time that works best for you to incorporate a walk sometime during the day (preferably at least 30 minutes).
  2. Stay hydrated – It is incredibly important to stay hydrated during the hot months, not only to prevent heat exhaustion and related issues, but to keep your body working in tip top shape! TIP: Give your water a flavor boost by adding fruits or berries to it. (see Staying Hydrated for more)
  3. Bring the healthy dish to the party – One way to absolutely ensure that there will be something healthy, is to bring it yourself! I’m not talking about the standard fruit or vegetable salad, but a ‘classic party food’ turned healthy. TIP: try my Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dinner or Chicken Meatballs
  4. Fill half of your dish with vegetables – By doing this, you are filling your stomach with fiber and nutrients, while still being able to enjoy whatever else the cookout has to offer (this a helpful way to portion control).
  5. Non-alcoholic drinks can be your friend – I’m the last person to tell you to give up wine cold turkey, but I am going to tell you that you do not need it. Alcohol brings the fun, but also brings the calories and the hangovers. TIP: Kombucha is a great drink to add to the menu, not only does it fizzle with flavor, but it’s so good for your gut.
  6. Stick to your exercise commitment, but don’t be afraid to switch it up – Now might be the time to break out of the gym and take your workout outside. Hit the stairs, take a hike, run, sprint, walk, jog, bike, whatever you like to do. TIP: grab a friend and try out 1 new outside workout per week.
  7. Look for healthy alternatives – If you’ve got a favorite “comfort food’ recipe, take the challenge of recreating it into a healthier dish. Simple swaps like adding veggies can increase the nutrition without sacrificing the oh-so-important flavor. TIP: looking for a healthier snack? Try Popcorn, my favorite!!
  8. Incorporate a walk into your lunch date – Going to your favorite spot? Add on a walk before or after to get the blood flowing and your body feeling good. The extra talking time with your friend is a major plus too!
  9. Make a plan – Give yourself some goals and guidelines for a night out. Sticking to these will help you to maintain your healthy lifestyle and feel better in the morning!
  10. Return to your routine diet whenever possible – It’s all fun and games until its Monday. Stick to those morning oats, whole foods, and lean proteins throughout the week to keep you feeling and looking your best! It’s okay to fall off the wagon as long as you get right back on! (see The Prep Effect for more)

“It seems to me, that it’s much more important to be happy than ordinary.” – Atticus

With Love,


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