Staying Hydrated

Cold months, hot months, and everything in between, one thing always remains important – staying hydrated. Personally, I find it a little more difficult to remind myself to drink water when it’s cold out, so I’d like to share some tricks that I’ve found successful:

  1. Drink a glass of water when you wake up – It’s easy to get caught in a chain of coffee cups throughout the day, which is dehydrating you. Make it a rule to drink a glass of water between each cup if you have more than 1 throughout the day.
  2. Add lemon, frozen fruit, or berries to give it some flavor if you prefer that over plain water
  3. Opt for club soda, kombucha, or other bubbly water options if you crave that carbonation (Note: if you are drinking water from a can be sure to read the label. Stay away if there are sweeteners and/or sodium listed – your body will treat it the same way it treats pop)
  4. Bring that water bottle everywhere – Having it on hand is a constant reminder to keep drinking
  5. Find your perfect temperature  – Some like it hot, some like it cold. What temperature do you prefer? There are so many different water bottles and containers that can keep water colder or hotter longer than the average water bottle. My favorite is the RTIC tumbler cup, which can do both!
  6. Drink a glass of water with every meal – easily forgotten if you’re a busy bee, but very important.
  7. Drink water, ACV beverage, or decaffeinated tea before bed to relax and top off your liquids for the day!

Dehydration is a serious issue, and your body needs water to function its best. So do yourself a favor and stay hydrated my friends!

Be on the lookout for signs of dehydration: headache, dry skin, low urine output, concentrated urine output, increased thirst, dizziness, sleepiness, confusion, fainting, and foggy head.

“Don’t make change too complicated, just begin.”

With Love,


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