A new year is beginning and I would like to encourage you to set some intentions to focus on in 2017. These intentions can be thought of as New Year’s resolutions, or if you consider yourself less mainstream, you can think of them as happy thoughts, mindfulness actions, or meaningful ambitions. I want you to set the bar high for yourself in 2o17. Look deep within and pull out your hopes, your dreams, and the parts of you that you feel could use a bit “spiffy-ing up.”

Your intentions should come from an unwaveringly positive place. There is no room for negativity, not for yourself and not for others. Let your mind be freed from that burden so that it can think clearly and kindly.

If you’re looking for some added guidance, here is a format for these intentions that you are welcome to use:

2017 Intentions:

For my heart….

For my mind…

For my body…

For others…

You can choose an intention for each, select a few that you vibe with, or make your own. You can keep them to yourself, write them on the wall, or share them with the world. It is all completely up to you.

In my opinion, fresh starts are not overrated. I want to embrace every chance I get to be inspired and make me a better person. Motivation and inspiration are the sparks that ignite the flame of passion within us. They are what keeps the train a-rollin’. Let this year be the one to wiggle you out of your comfort zone by being a little more adventurous in life.

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“Plant kindness and gather love.” – Proverbs

Wishing you all the best in health, happiness + love,


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