I believe in the phrase “consistency is key.” There are times in our lives when we have our routines down and we are able to keep up with exercise, healthy food choices and managing stress. Everything is moving in right direction until you hit the bump in the road. Before you know it, the routine is off, you skipped your scheduled workout, or you ate a few meals that were a little more fried than green. You find yourself stuck in a rut and the question pops into your head, “Do I get myself back on track tomorrow or do I ride this slippery slope all the way to the bottom?” Answering this question is not as easy as it seems and there are million reasons for that.

From experience, I always find that special events, like holidays and parties tend to stop my routine in its tracks. I’m the kind of person who thrives on planning. I love to plan out my days ahead of a time so that I can mentally prepare myself for the week to come. I like to write it all out in a my agenda book – classes, work, exams, errands, workouts, special events, you name it. And you know what scares me? Days when I know I can’t get to the gym, where I know I’ll be tempted with my favorite treats, and busy exam days that I know will stress me out.

These are just a few examples of the obstacles of life that are going to throw off our fragile and comfortable balance. And you know what? We can’t do a darn thing about them. Unless we decide to stay at home and do nothing but munch on vegetables and religiously workout and avoid all forms of stress, which is absolutely ridiculous and sounds like torture to me.

I’m not saying that we can or should avoid any of these obstacles. I am saying it is to our advantage to know what’s coming and form a plan of attack.

If you know there is a day where getting to the gym isn’t in the cards for you, I have a few alternatives: Workout at home doing body weight exercises, yoga, run, bike or go for a walk! Find a part of your day (30 minutes at the least) to get moving. Take the long route to class. Skip the bus. Park at the back of the lot. Get up from your desk for 5 minutes every hour. Bottom line: get moving! It’ll make you feel better and has endless health benefits.

If you know there is a party that you’ll be attending and you want to enjoy it and treat yourself, I’ve got some advice. That day, be sure that your pre-party meals contain vegetables and fruits, lean protein and whole grains. It might be a good idea to eat before the party so you aren’t ravinous when you get there (that’s when all self-control goes down the drain.) Get a good workout in before hand. Then enjoy yourself! And keep moderation in mind. I absolutely believe in treating yourself, as long as you can get back up on that healthy horse right after.

If you feel yourself becoming stressed out, try to stick to your weekly routine as much as possible. Schedule out hours in the day to work on that project or study for your big exam. Take a few minutes to breathe and relax your mind. Take out your frustrations in your workout! (This is my favorite technique.) We have to remember that many problems are created in our heads and its up to us to sort them out. A clear mind works better than a cloudy mind.

Ps. I must remind you that getting an adequate amount of sleep every night is extremely important and helpful, I’ll elaborate in a later post.

So yes, consistency is key and it is also achievable. Life happens, and your personal balance is tested everyday! Remember to stay positive and stick to your plan.

“Just remember, even your worst days only have twenty-four hours.” – 10 word story
With love,


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